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The division of Statistical Consulting and Analysis (SBAZ) provides advice and assistance with all questions related to statistical issues and problems.

In particular, the SBAZ helps with

  • the planning and implementation of a project,
  • the tabular and graphical representation of the data,
  • the selection of appropriate statistical methods and performing the analysis, and
  • the interpretation of analysis results and the formulation of statistical results.

Consulting language: German


TU Dortmund University members:
For students of the TU Dortmund University the consulting is for free.

External  customers:
In the course of an initial consultation (1 hour), we obtain an overview of your data and your questions; minor problems may then be solved or minor questions answered. The initial consultation helps us, among other things, to assess which methods might be suitable for answering your question and how much time this will take. Based on these findings, we can provide you an offer.

Tutoring in Statistics

The SBAZ does not offer tutoring in statistics for students studying at the Department of Statistics.
Students who need tutoring in statistics can turn to the Student Council Statistics.

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